Mission Statement

     At Black Label Tattoo School, we believe that tattooing is an art that must be treated with respect and care. Our vision is to instill these values into each individual to pass through our school, so that each tattoo they in turn create is a credit to our industry. We envision a tattooing community full of artists who are constantly learning and consistently creating outstanding work.

     Our mission is to take burgeoning artists through an intensive program that prepares them for a career, both from a craft perspective and a business perspective. We are committed to teaching the fundamentals of tattooing such as composition, placement, and line-work in order to provide a foundation upon which artists can build. Our program will take artists from traditional to realism and from blackwork to full color, in such a way that organically grows their skillset.

     Our core values encompass respect for one another and our art, dedication to daily progress, commitment to our clients, and pride in our tattoo work.

Our Goal:

     We strive to provide the necessary tools for growing artists to excel in an entry level position as a tattoo artist as well as into their career.

How we plan to reach this goal:

  • By providing well rounded knowledge of the tattoo industry focusing largely on business organization, customer service, and application/design
  • Supervised hands-on instruction
  • Lastly, providing quality equipment in order for students to reach their full

Admissions Process

Applicants must meet the requirements that follow:

  • 18+ years of age
  • Valid government issued ID
  • High School diploma or equivalent

Admissions applications can be purchased from Black Label Tattoo Collective located at 2911 W 11th Ave. Eugene, OR 97402.

Application fee: $100 non-refundable processing fee
*Each applicant must submit a digital portfolio consisting of 10 finished art pieces upon submitting their paper application.

These can be paintings, digital creations, drawings, etc. submitted to

After the paper application and digital portfolio are submitted,

the applicant will be contacted by Black Label to schedule an interview with the school owner and instructor, Alec Turner. At this time, the applicants portfolio will be evaluated. Students will be notified of their application status within four weeks of the interview.

Evaluation Criteria

Applicant portfolios will be evaluated for acceptance based on:

  • Artistic ability
  • Valid Artistic investment
  • Creative potential

Program Cost (6 months)

Tuition: $10,900
Supplies:* $1000
Application fee: $100
Total: $12,000

*Tattoo supplies are provided by Black Label and covered by the student’s supply fee. Items are only eligible for checkout from the facility once the state exam is completed and the student has obtained their tattoo license.

Tuition Deposit Schedule:

The total $12,000 (Tuition plus supply fee) is split up into four quarterly deposits of $3,000 for the six month course. Please view our “Transfer Policy” to see how this differs for transfer students.