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Redefining Tattoo Art

Welcome to Black Label Tattoo Collective, Eugene's high-end tattoo studio. Led by the industry's most talented tattoo artists, we push our creative limits daily to bring you breathtaking tattoo art. From blackwork to full color, traditional to mixed aesthetics, we specialize in every style you can think of—so book your appointment today to get started on your next tattoo.

World-Class Talent at Your Service

Whether you work with founding artist Alec Turner or any of our hand-selected team, you'll be getting tattooed by only the best at Black Label. Our professional artists are regularly invited to national and international conventions, undergo additional training at industry conferences, and improve their art under the tutelage of industry masters.

Customer Testimonials

"My second piece blends photorealism and neotraditional elements. It's a very special piece representing the strong women in my family. Alec nailed the design and execution, which is important to note because he was working with a lot of white and yellow ink. Both pieces healed beautifully and are holding their color like they are still brand new. Alec is among the best in the industry. Give him some freedom to interpret your vision, and you'll end up with something that you'll be showing off for a lifetime."

"Within a six-month span, I got two major pieces from Alec Turner. Of all the tattoos I have, these are both by far the best--and moreover, the experience was outstanding. Alec is a true artist, and he is also one of the most genuine guys in the industry. During my first tattoo with him, he took the time to design the piece in front of me because I had emailed with so many details. Once he transferred the design to my forearm, I loved it--but I could tell he was not happy. He said he could do better, and so he took the time to redesign it to be a piece he would be proud to show off--and let me tell you, that extra effort made a huge difference to the finished product. I literally get stopped in the street and have people recognize the piece from Instagram. I work in the tattoo industry, academia, and marketing, and this tattoo gets praise from industry professionals, teachers, parents, straight-laced business people--everyone is impressed with it."

"I got my first tattoo with Alec in November 2017. Not only was his work amazing but he is one of the best people I know. He made the experience fun and was respectful to both myself and my wife. I will be a customer of his for life. Alec Turner is family."

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