Gage Cheeseman

Gage Cheeseman

Gage Cheeseman started apprenticing at the age of eighteen and was a licensed artist just a year later, which is when he joined Black Label Tattoo Collective in Eugene. Though he is a younger artist, Gage has made incredible progress and proves every day that he is a reputable and talented tattooist. He works to better his craft daily, with a focus on his future in the industry.

When designing tattoos, Gage tries to gather as much background on whatever content his client has given him to work with. This can lead to incredible art inspired by experiences and cultures around the world. Wildlife, landscape, religion, cultural spirit, ancient monuments like temples and statues--all of these things can serve as uniquely significant elements of a tattoo. Gage is very intrigued by how tattoos can be representations of people’s life chapters, whether that's the feats they’ve accomplished, the love they find in things, or the hardships and struggles they have endured.

Gage's influences mainly come from the artists he works with closely. He finds constant motivation to try new things and absorb new techniques. As part of his process, he will often consult with shop founder Alec Turner and our other artists when he is working on a design to ensure you receive the best product he can deliver.

"To me, there’s a great difference between being a tattoo artist as opposed to being a tattooer," Gage says. "Every piece that comes out of the shop has my name and reputation on it. With putting permanent artwork on someone, I feel like it’s essential to take artistic liberties and ensure that every piece I do is taken seriously and executed with everything that I’m capable of. I enjoy being able to deliver what my client envisions, but when I’m able to collaborate with a client creatively, it shows in the final product. Artists owe the best to their clients, no matter what the price or content may be. I strongly believe in this and want my clients to know that they’re in good hands." Gage specializes in black-and-grey realism with abstract touches, but he welcomes pieces of any style.

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